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Aug 11, 2004
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I recently had two goldfish.....but the first one died a few days ago and the last died today......I am thinking of switching to tropical fish....What are some kinds I should maybe get?? I wanted something colorful....but I don't know......

Thanks ;)
The easiest , I guess are guppies and they are colourful,you could add tetras and mollies just depends if you want a community tank. :thumbs:
Hi dancin76ersgurl :hi:

Do you know much about fishkeeping? If you're interested in starting a community aquarium, I'd recommend researching as much as possible before making any purchases. :nod:

You need to figure out such things as size of tank, filtration, compatability etc. This is a great place to find the answers!
Tropical fish do need a little more care and equipment than goldfish. You're going to need (if you don't have it already) a filtration system (pump), lighting, a bubbler, and, come winter, a heater.

For starters, however, do you know why your goldfish died?
Never2Bknown said:
For starters, however, do you know why your goldfish died?
Well....the first one was maybe overfed or had swim bladder....i don't really know
The second somehow got stuck in the happened this morning n it was a really nice fish.
So it sounds like you know your stuff! :D

I personally like tetras.

Oops, I just realized you said you wanted something colorful. Here is a link to the forums FISH INDEX.

I agree with Cat. Guppies and livebearers are probably the most colorful if you're doing the community thing. Another possibility is female bettas. Gouramis are cool too and colorful.
:) Guppies, platies, swordtails, mollies and tetras are very colorfu and are easy to care for! I once had a female betta with them and they got along great. :thumbs:
Just remember to only get one sex if you get livebearers, or you'll be overrun by fry.
other than that, cardinal tetras are very pretty. so are cherry barbs, and harlequin rasboras.
dancin76ersgurl said:
Are tropical fish easier to take care of than goldfish???

And how many fish should i get?
Probably a matter of opinion - I think they are easier in some respects but harder in others.

The number of fish you can have depends on what type of fish they are.
I am considering tetras, platy, gouramis and betta.....maybe...

Will any of those get sucked in my filter like my goldfish?? :S

I don't want them to have all kinds of problems and stuff
;) stick around these forums for a while before you get anything , do some research , read here about other peoples expreiences with fishkeeping . What kinds of fish they keep , then figure out what you want to keep .

I started out more than 30 years ago the same way you have.

I wish I had something like these forums back then , many fish expired during the learning process . :unsure:

I learn something every day here . :nod:

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