Smiths Aquariums - Boondall (Brisbane) Queensland, Australia


Nov 26, 2013
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I must say I am totally blown away by this little shop. They have an excellent range of fish, and all of the staff are enthusiastic fish-lovers who want the best for their stock.
I spent an hour in the store, agreed to sell them my comet and fancies for store credit (not much, but at least I know they're going to a place where they'll be better off) and discussed my plan for the now empty tank.  The gentleman took his time to explain the various plants on display and what would be best for the tank, tested my water, and gave me a deal on a dozen (plus a free one) Harlequin Rasboras and a couple of BN Plecos. He also suggested some options for "control animals" (such as a dwarf loach for snails).
They're they only shop I've seen in Brisbane who stock Peppermint BN's and Endlers.
Plus their display tanks have some awesome fish!
Having been to a local chain store (and an affiliate nearby) I was very impressed at their level of knowledge and willingness to help.


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