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Small Fish keep dying

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Sep 10, 2020
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I’ve got an issue with what ever small fish I put into this tank or my previous they all die, I have a 70l tank with 2 5cm angel fish and 3 guppies.A day or two after I added my guppies in they all died, my tank had a real swampy smell to it, my filter media looks like it has hair in it (brownish colour) I’ve done amonia tests every day and they always come below 0.5, the angel fish have been living in there for 2 weeks now no complaints from them.

I’ve tried guppies, sword fish, plats, neon tetras, any ideas?
Guppies are pretty week nowadays, lots of people report so. How long have you had that tank running, the media looks very clean.
Ammonia levels over 0 are dangerous and will kill overnight. Nitrite are dangerous over 0 too. Anytime a reading is over 0 a big water change (50% min, 75% ideal) needs to be completed. You could end up doing this everyday for at least a month at least to get the tank to cycle.

By the sounds of it you will be doing a fish in cycle

Links to cycling and the nitrogen cycle are here https://www.fishforums.net/threads/cycling-your-new-fresh-water-tank-read-this-first.421488/

KG Tropicals and Aquarium Co-op also have good videos on Youtube.

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