Sixline Wrasse

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Dec 27, 2004
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Common Name/s - Sixline Wrasse, Pajama Wrasse

Scientific Name - Pseudocheillinus hexataenia

Family - Labridae

Origin - Fiji, Indo- Pacific

Maximum Size- Averages 1-2"; can reach 3"

Care- The Sixline Wrasse is extremely hardy once acclimatised and is easy to care for. Generally, this is a peaceful fish for the aquarium. Like any other species, they can be aggressive with others of their own kind. They are incredible swimmers, very curious and will dart in and out of your live rock. making them an active addition to the aquarium. There are some reports that they may harass shrimp. The colouration of the sixline wrasse is dazzling. The body is a fluorescent blue. From it's head to it's caudal tail, six vibrant orange stripes run horizontally until the tail turns bright green. Near the base of the tail is a 'false eye'. Minimal recommended tank size is 30 gallons.

Feeding- In general, this wrasse is considered a carnivore and needs meaty foods. Small crustaceans, copepods and amphipods in the tank are good natural foods. However, the sixline wrasse, when acclimated, will do well with Cyclopeeze, mysis shrimp and can be encouraged to eat flake and slow sinking pellet food. They have been known to feed on bristleworms and other nuisances like flatworms.

Sexing - Difficult.

Breeding - Difficult. If a mating pair of sixline's can be found, the color of the male becomes more intense during courtship.


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