Sick Dwarf Angelfish?


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Apr 26, 2010
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Hello everyone. I have a 29 gallon reef tank, 40 pounds of live rock, Coralife Super Skimmer 125, AquaticLife T5 HO light fixture, heater (75-79 degrees), and one Vor-Tech MP10. I've had my tank for about three months. My tank was fully cycled 1 month ago, I added a few small coral frags and a cleaner crew. My levels are always good, as they are now:

PH - 8.3
Ammonia - 0
Nitrites - 0
Nitrates - 0
Specific Gravity - 1.026
Temp - 78 degrees

I have a dwarf fuzzy lion fish and a dwarf red striped angelfish (interesting pair for a reef tank, I know, but I couldn't resist.) I do not know if they are caught or tank raised. And I did not qt them. They seem to get along fine, I have only seen the lion nip at the angel once, but the angel got too close to the lion. I feed the angel live brine and algae strips both soaked in Zoecon. And plan to start the target feeding of frozen foods soon for both. Both were acclimated for 2.5-3 hours using drip method.

I had to get a new stand recently. I emptied about 75% of the water, and placed the heavy pieces of live rock in the bucket of tank water. My friend and I lifted the aquarium while my other friend switched out the old stand to the new stand. I replaced the live rock and the water except enough to do a 20% water change. I had stopped feeding for a few days prior to this event just in case. The process went fine, except I noticed from moving the rocks and what not, the sand was stirred up quite a bit, and I noticed diatoms I think. But my ammonia level is non-existent. Also my fire shrimp is gone, figured the lion got the most expensive meal of his life, and I got over it. I hadn't seen the shrimp for several days prior. Anyways, I tested the levels and everything was fine. I fed the angel bloodworms. Later I noticed he was breathing very fast, lips protruding and sucking for air or water, and rapid gill movement easily over 80 per minute. Then I noticed a reddish-orange string-like poop hanging. I thought nemotada? But read that these worms are usually white. The angel is usually hiding but sometimes comes out for a second. Maybe it ate the fire shrimp? I read they poop the same color as their diet, the shrimp seemed a little large for his size though. No signs of disease, no flashing. I use a two part calcium for my corals. I don't know what to think now and would appreciate any advice you'd have to offer. Thank you.

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