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Jun 24, 2020
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SICCE makes four different sizes of canister filters in their Whale lineup the 150, 200, 350, 500. These canister filters are made in Italy which is a plus for those who are tired of Chinese-made filters, having said this it is more expensive. The small Whale 200 cost as much as the much bigger Sunsun canister filters.

The 200 has three small baskets inside. The flow is from the bottom up. It comes with enough media to fill one of the baskets, plus sponges in course and fine. There is a priming pump built into the intake and a flow control nob built into the out-take. It comes with only one gray rubber hose of about six feet long.

  • Seems very well made. (Time will tell.)
  • Easy to set up and prime.
  • Three media baskets
  • Bag of bio media.
  • Flow control.
  • Small size for smaller aquarium tanks.
  • Instructions are poor on how to put it all together. (If a person has experience with canister filters this want be a problem.)
  • Only one hose, I had to buy a second one.
  • I don't trust the screw-on rings for holding the tubes in place, so I used metal hose clamps.
  • I have only had this canister filter setup for a week now so I can't say how well it will clean or hold up.
Wrapping up: I will update this review in the future.

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