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Setting up 4ft (300Ltr) discus aquarium

Discussion in 'Tropical Discussion' started by Nicko19, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Nicko19

    Nicko19 New Member

    Jun 11, 2019
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    Hey people,
    Just looking for any extra advice hints tips expertise with the basics of preparing a discus tank for cycling!

    I found myself a near new 4ft aquarium with capacity of 75gal or 300ltr it comes as a complete unit 2x T5 tube lighting appropriate size heater and a canister filter rated for 1100ltr/hr.
    Now I have upgraded the filtration system by adding an additional identical canister so now I’m filtering 2200ltr/hr equal to 7.5 times an hour cycle i also have the spray bars setup all along the back of the tank and the inlets at either end of the tank, I’m getting great agitated surface but I’m yet to determine if this is going to be to strong of a current for the discus!?? I have also rearranged the media in both filters, my 1100s consist of firstly the water from tank being sent to the bottom of the canister filtering through good quality noodles I had this is to break up the detritus initially before making its way through my first basket witch consists of my mechanical media, course medium and fine floss. Then on to the last basket being my biological media where sits 2ltrs of seachem “matrix”, seachem recommendation is 1ltr of matrix to treat 400ltrs water so I currently have 4ltrs of matrix in my pair of filters witch by there recommendation is equal to 1600ltrs of water! Any additional steps in my filtration that could be added do you think? Maybe some active carbon once the tank is cycled but anything else I am missing? Also any extra advice would be much appreciated interms of lighting future planting of the tank etc and flow rate being compatible for discus do you think the current of the flow rate I have now may be to strong for them?
    Thank you!

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