Serious Algae/Cyanobacteria Problem

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Dec 10, 2018
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Ok,months later it had returned. This time I tried non chemicals. After removing all I could see and knowing billions of spores of it are floating waiting to get going, I cleaned the tank,washed the filters out,reduced the amount of light to 8 hours,and I even brought the temperature down from near 80f to 74f or so. COMBINED..its worked pretty good. Not a 100% kill off,but for no chemicals its made the aquarium look clean.
I also removed some rocks to help the flow of water.
To keep it this way- when water change day comes around,also poke the gravel with a stick to get that Cyano that grows under the substrate and on the glass. A hidden breeding area for it.
So that combination removes much excess organics that was feeding the Cyano and I think now that more than 8 hours of light is just for an algae farm.
Bolbitis I noticed just today is sending out new foliage and I would bet that the lower temperature is suiting it much better.

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