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Jun 6, 2003
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Tamworth. UK
I would appreciate any ideas on an attractive schooling fish to contrast with my neon tetras. The idea being to have 2 schools of 6 (ie. 6 neons, 6........). I've been researching and window shopping and like the glow light? tetras. Also, would they get on with each other?
neons and glowlights should get along just fine especially if kept in groups. that would make for a very pretty tank. Have you considered something like cory's so that you would have some bottom dwellers? dorp 6 cory's in and you should have lot's of activity in the tank. mine (albinos) never stop moving or eating. I think they eat in there sleep. but it all boils down to your opinion and what you really want.
Neons and glowlights get along just fine,i have 10 of each in one of my tanks,looks good too.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Yeah, as soon as the tank settles down properly, i'm going to add some more peppered corys to go with my lone one dave.

Like you say, he is very busy and a small group of them would be great to watch!
have you considered beacon tetras they have a head and tail 'light ' , they get on very well with the neons, they like to school and also get on well with gouramis[i have similar fish to you] good luck whatever you decide on pebbles :)
My m8's got golden barbs with his various tiny fish including cardinals. They look very pretty because of the yellow and green. They are also heavily into schooling. They always swim around together (12 of them)

ive got glowlights and ive also got black neons......and all 3 of them set eachother's colours off....its brilliant.....i think when my new tank hasnt finished cycling im gonna get a small group of bleeding hearts....lemon tetra's and congo tetra's......all 3 have fantastic colours and are comfortable in a tank with eachother

Tek :fish:
Hi I have a shoal of harlequins in my tank they bother no-one and are realy lovely fish. They don't always swim in the same direction and sometimes it looks like 2 seperate shoals. I also have lemon tetras and when they mature the yellow on the anal fin is realy bright compared to the almost transparant bodies realy showy fish.
Fantastic - sooooo many options.

I can't get any more this weekend as planned, i've got an outbreak of ich. Got the medication in, so hopefully there will be no casualties?! More time to fantasise about my new fishies though!

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