Sand for a 72 Gallon

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Aug 14, 2004
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Long Island, NY (USA)
I am planning on getting a beutiful 72 gallon bow tank in about a month. I am planning on getting sand for it. About how much would it cost to fill the tank upwith about 2 1/2 inches of sand... Another thing is can you just buy it a petshop or can you just go to a beach and get it? I want the kind of sand that will not float up and make the tank look like crap. Thanks.
u can get some good cheap sand from argos but i wouldn't recomend gettin from a beach (salt)
Definitely get sand made especially for an aquarium... other than that you'll be fine. Substrate generally doesn't cost too too much, although for a tank of that size who knows. One more note about your fifteen gallon: clown loaches and tetras are both schooling fish: you should definitely have more than one. :nod:
i can buy sand by the pound, which is nice because because you can buy only as much as you need. i dont recall exactly how much i spent for mine........
if u live in the U.S. u can go to lowes hardware or home depot and get sand for like $3 a bag(50 lbs.). u could probley go to a land scaping place and get some for cheap but b 4 u put it in ur tank do a vinegar test(put some sand in the vinegar if it bubbles dont use it).

i used regular play ground sand in both my tanks(10 gal w/ the catfish & my beta tank). I washed it for about 30 min w/ warm water. My fish r doing fine.

good luck on the tank. i got a 100 gal that im trying to set up so i know what u mean. :fun:
Thanks for the advice guys... David my 15 gallon is going to turn into a frey grow up tank/breeder and the Clown Loaches and Tetras will be happy soon with some of their new friends in a big 72 gallon. :)
I have the exact same tank.
It cost me about $70 Canadian to do mine
I got mine at LFS and have no problems. It takes a little longer to establish a good bacteria level in the sand, but worth it!
It is how ever hard to take full view pics because of the bow, but you will love the different look it gives off! :nod:

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