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Aug 20, 2012
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Please fill out the following form for any and all transactions. Please change the first line as applicable to the transaction

Livestock/Equipment make-model-size/Wanted/Exchange/Plants:

Age and condition:
Quantity for sale:
Reason for Sale:
Delivery or Collection:
Sales price:
Willing to Ship (Yes or No):
Postage & Packaging Price:
General Location (for personal security reasons do not put your address here, just your town): (Also please put this in the Topic Descripton line of the thread title)

All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM.

Communications may only be taken to PM once the sale and price has been agreed upon on the open forum and payment/collection details need to be given.
The agreement of the time and date of collection or postage, or confirmation that items have been posted should also be posted in the thread.

Please refrain from commenting unless you are interested in more details or are interested in buying.
If you suspect any foul play, please use the report button and the moderating team will deal with all reports.

By posting on this forum you are deemed to have agreed with and accepted the rules set out above. Please be aware that not using the form above will result in your topic being deleted.