RIP dot

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Awww, we get so attached to the little cuties, they're like family members. I swear mine recognize me and swim up to the front just to be admired, never mind be fed. So sorry you lost Dot. Do you have any babies of hers to continue her legacy? Snowy lost some excellent males to a virus and I'm so glad I've got a couple of their babies to remind me of them.
Deepest sympathy. :-(

(I'm sure everyone here who has lost fish feels for you too.)
:rip: Dot :fish: :angel:

:wub: Mandy, my 6 month old Balloon molly, was a very special fish to me. She's the little fish in my Avatar. I loved her so much and had raised her since she was little helpless fry. When Mandy died, tears flooded down my face! :-( I still cry at the thought of her! :(
Aww this thread gets me all choked up :byebye: :-(

I hope that doesn't happen to the 3 platies I just bought today. Wish me luck.

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