red wag tail fry

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Aug 15, 2004
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Leicester, England
Hi all can u help me?
Woke up this morning and found 3 little frys swimming in my plants caught 2 of them and put them in a seperation tank but not to sure on how to look after them. I bought some tetra baby powder food. Any other advice anyone can give to help them stay alive would be appreciated.

many thanks
Becky and james :S
this thread would do well in the livebearers forum, maybe you can ask a mod to move it for you?

The fry need to be fed numerous times a day to help them grow, and need good water conditions like all fish. Is the seperation tank a seperate fish tank or a floating chamber within the main tank?

If a seperate tank, is it cycled?

If a floating chamber, they get very poor water circulation so you would do well to raise it out of the water keeping the fry submersed, then pushing it back to its previous depth to get some fresh water into the fry.
How weird u live in leicester so do we :D We have a seperate floating chamber for the fry had to rush out and buy it this morning from a shop in birstall. I keep raising the fry tank out of the water but not sure how many times a day to do this or how many times a day to feed them their food. We couldn't find the other one maybe got eaten.

We have a reckord 60 tank
4 Cardinal tetras
2 red wag tails
2 zebra danios
2 pearl danios
1 leapord danio
2 silver sharks
4 lyre tail guppys

They all seem to live very happy together and have took great interest in the new fry chamber lol :p

Thx for ur help
I wouldnt think you need to circulate the water more than once a day, fry arent very messy :)

The baby powder food might be too big for the fry if it is very very young, so if you have come live plants, pick off some algae coveres peices and put them in the chamber with the fry, the fry can then feel more secure as it has places to hide, and it will nibble on the algae if it gets hungry. The powder food I would feed a tiny tiny pinch 3 times a day if possible, once when you get up, as soon as you get home, and just before bed.

I hope you bought the breeder from friends in soggy homes, and not birstall watergardens centre (not a fan of birstall watergardens centre, soo many diseased fish and part time staff :unsure: )

I have found fry in my tank before and been convinced it has been eaten after 3 days of no sightings, but they are very very good at hiding. Keep your eyes open, you may find the missing fry yet :D

ps whereabouts in leicester are you? :)
hey, thank u 4 ur advice, very helpful. :)

We got the breeders from ocean commotion (it sure is 2 park there lol) but they weren't bought intentially 2 breed they jus did :thumbs:

I agree wiv u about birstall garden centre, i was originally gonna buy a rainbow crab but they were kept in the wrong habitat! etc. Fish in soggy homes seems good, i bought a few fish from there the other day.

I live in Glenfield n my bf lives in Beaumont Leys, u?

p.s we found the 3rd fry last nite :clap:
I live in Coalville, and my boyfriend lives in Leicester, So i go through Glenfield all the time :D

If you are up ocean commotion way go to leicester aquatics on welford road!
Smaller, dingier, but some nice unusual fish, european bought stock for fish like guppies (apparently usually better quality than singapore), and the guy who owns it, Dean can get hold of pretty much whatever you want if you ask. :D

Have you been to clearwater aquatics on green lane road? lots of lovely marines and corals in there :)

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