Red-tailed Rasbora


Aug 19, 2006
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Hingham, Massachusetts, USA
Common Name: Red-Tailed Rasbora

Scientific Name: Rasbora borapetensis

Family: Cyprinidae

Origin: Southeast Asia

Maximum Size: 2 in (5 cm)

Sociability: Swims in the midlle and upper zones of the tank.

Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons, because they are active and like to school. The fish would appreciate a larger tank because of the extra swimming space and room for a larger school, though.

pH: 6.4-7.3, a little over that would be okay, but they prefer slightly acidic water.

Temperature: 73-80 F (23- 27 C)

Sexing: The females tend to be slightly longer and plumper, although the species itself is rather slender.

Care: They are easy to keep alive and well and long as the water quality doesn't reach extremes. They enjoy well planted tanks that replicate their natural environment.

Feeding: They almost every tropical food but, like every fish, they benefit greatly from frozen, and especially live, foods.

Breeding: They are rather difficult to breed, and spawn over plants. Some breeding experience and knowledge is manditory to be able to successfully breed these fish.

Comments: They are a peaceful and interesting fish for a community tank, but if you want something that you can breed later on, a school of zebra danios or other danios would be the best choice.

I don't have any pictures of mine yet, so if anyone could put pictures on here it would be greatly appreciated.