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M.R Otter

May 13, 2009
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U.A.E-in the city of Dubai.
Common names: Red pacu-red bellied pacu-pirapitinga

Scientific names: Piaractus brachypomus

Family: Serrasalimidae

Origin: South America(amazon basin)

Size: This fish grow up very fast and will soon outgrow your home aquarium, it grow's to about 60-80cm long with some up to 90cm

Minimum Tank Size: Absolute minimum of 200 gallons tank and more is needed for housing such a big fish!!

Care: Pacu prefers acidic to neutral pH (5.5-7.0), but the water chemistry is not critical as these species will thrive in a wide variety of conditions. The pacu is a close relative to the piranha and is somewhat of peaceful for it's size, but this fish is not too peaceful it will probably try to eat smaller fish if it has a chance. Extra filtration is needed with a minimum turnover rate of 8 times per hour but ideally 10x.

Feeding: The pacu is an herbivorous fish. In the wild the pacu feed on fruit, seeds and nuts.

Sexing: It is almost impossible to tell the male from the female.

Breeding: Unlikely in aquarium but may breed in a huge aquarium like a public aquarium.

Comments: Pacu can be predatory. Tankmates need to be of similar size and robust in temperament: red-tail catfish, clown knifefish, large thorny catfish, etc.

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