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May 29, 2009
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Hi all
I am looking for a really good book on vegetarianism (that a word!?).
It's not for me, you wouldnt catch me EVER being a vegetarian. I'd eat insects before I became a vegetarian :p
However... my younger brother has been a vegetarian and has stubbornly lasted nearly 2 years now so doubt he is going to give up any time soon. Personally I think he is stupid as his reasons for becoming a vegetarian are incorrect, unfounded and on points he doesnt have a clue about and refused to do any research into. Ethical reasons my backside.
So far he eats soooo unhealthily. My parents are sick to death of paying a fortune for his manky quorn and tofu food that no one else would touch with a barge pole, not helped by the fact that he is a typical stroppy 18 year old teenager that rarely emerges from his bedroom :p He is very self concious of his weight which tbh, if he came out his room occasionally, would be less an issue, he is fairly tall, especially compared to the rest of us (im 5"2 and he is nearer 6ft) but walks all hunched over which helps him none!
His diet generally consists of dominos pizza, quorn sausages, pasta or rice. He will eat roast dinner with us if we cook everything in a seperate pan just for him (serious pain as we only have small oven!) but it means he does occasionally eat vegetables though he doesnt necessarily dislike them, he is honestly just too lazy to do anything about feeding himself. If something is cooked for him its a 50/50 chance of him turning it down and if he isnt cooked for... he wont bother eating.
In all fairness, i was a pain at his age and my parents packed all my stuff whilst i was at college and kicked me out. I might be living back here again after 5 years of not speaking to them... but I cant believe what a soft touch they are being on him...
So if anyone has ANY advice on what to do with him... i would be gratefull!!
That aside, I want to buy him a book or two about vegetarianism. He is lazy so dont want to go for any long detailed book as he wont read it (I like the Vegetarianism for Dummies style book but he wont!).
I might buy him the Sam Stern Vegetarian Recipe book as he has Sam Sterns other cook books and written by another Teenager, he seemed to like though books (though yet to see an effort on his part to cook ;) ).
But I want to find a nice easy book that explains the aspects of the nutrition he needs to sources elsewhere that he will be losing from not eating meat. There are so many books out their but most seem to be either recipe books OR in depth nutrition books... cant find what i want.
Any ideas please?

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