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Aug 20, 2012
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This new section of the forum has been created because there is great interest in sharing the various pieces of legislation going on around the world that might impact our hobby. 
As a general rule we do not allow political discussion on the forum because it often leads to contention and argument. 
However, we feel the subject of hobby related legislation is a vital part ensuring the future of fish and reef keeping and wish members to be able to make each other aware of what might be going in their country or internationally. 
Aside from the standard forum rules we also ask the following:
  1. No political discussion that is NOT related to the aquarium hobby (fish, corals, inverts etc.) is permitted and will be removed from the forum and the member will be given an infraction. 
  2. We always expect polite discourse but this is especially important when discussing such a sensitive area as politics. We expect conversation to be on the merits or lack thereof for each specific piece of legislation. Please do not malign the politicians introducing or supporting the legislation, fighting against such legislation, or any group that might be affiliated with either side of it. As with the above members doing so will receive an infraction and the post will be removed. 
  3. Do not express contempt or exhibit rude behavior toward any member that may disagree with your personal point of view on the legislation discussed. If you wish to debate the matter, feel free but we require that you provide supporting evidence in the way of links and documentation, as is required in the scientific section of this site.
We appreciate the members who are passionate about the hobby and encouraged us to provide a place to discuss such vital issues as hobby related legislation. 
Not open for further replies.

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