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Pothos and Nitrates

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I had missed your link. That is most useful. I am not keeping the kinds of bioloads the author is, and if those were the results, then the additional filtration in my tanks is more a question of moving the water than filtering. That is very good to know.
Oh good! I am glad you thought it was useful! I'll admit I was a bit confused by your last post and wanted to ask why you thought the OP hadn't been addressed, but after much rewording I couldn't find a way to do so where I felt like it wouldn't sound accusatory. So I went for the short "but I swear I did!" approach. 😁
I’m a little late to the party, but I use pothos in all of my tanks! I have a pothos in all of my filter canisters.

As per the actual levels of nitrate and ammonia, I haven’t noticed much difference. However, ever since I added the pothos the growth of algae has greatly slowed. I used to have a massive hair algae problem and while I still get bits here and there it’s much less a problem.

Also the pothos is absolutely beautiful, which is an absolute win.
The tropical plant Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) does not grow in British Columbia along salmon rivers or anywhere else in the wild. The whole blurb in post #7 about salmon dying and these "trees" consuming the waste is pure fiction. This is not how nature does this to begin with. The fish decompose and release ammonia into the rivers which are reasonably fast flowing, and it is carried out to sea or evaporates or whatever. There is no time for non-existent trees to take up the "nutrients" in the manner described.

That has nothing to do with the use of terrestrial plants over an aquarium with roots in the tank water.
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