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Plugging Your Website


Sexy Martha Fahaka
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Mar 14, 2004
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East coast of England.
Now that we have a computer forum you are no doubt going to want to talk about and promote your own sites.

Please be aware of the following rules:
  1. No promotion or linking to other fish forums or sites containing fish forums. This is a long standing rule and nothing has changed.
  2. No promotion or linking to commercial sites or sites where the main purpose is to sell things without William's (The Owner of TFF) express permission.
  3. No promotion or linking to sites containing porn, hatred, racism, sexism, scams, warez, cracks, serials, illegal downloads or any other form of bigotry or illegal material. If you would not be happy for your Grandmother to see it, then we don't want to see it either.
  4. No promotion or linking to sites containing spyware or excessive pop-ups.
  5. Anyone who repeatedly spams the board with links to a site will be dealt with. :sly:
  6. This last one is more a guidline than a rule: Please make sure that your site is actually something people will want to see and not just a list of your favourite links or a collection of 'kool' GIFs you've found. Make sure the site actually WORKS and doesn't crash or lag people's computers.
Any links not conforming to those few simple rules will be removed.

Thank you for your time.