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Betta Slpendens is the scientific name for Fighting Fish, Cichlids are another breed of fish. Each breed has a forum specific to it listed on the main page.
Any other terms you'd like to know, just ask :)
Dunno about bettas, but I know some of the common Cichlids:
Oscars, Angelfish, Discus, Severums, are all cichlids. There are loads of other different types, African and American. I would have a look through the Cichlid forums on here, and the Betta forum, and you will get an idea of different types!!
In the betta world you'll see abbreviations VT, CT, HM, DT etc these are just shorthand for the different tail types of bettas. Then there is many different species and types of bettas that we dicuss as well.
BlobOn said:
can you give a couple examples of the common names of some of the breeds in each group.

There is a very good list on this forum :) At the main page, head down to the last forum listed: Fish Index. That forum has all the species in sub forums, with their common and scientific names as the thread titles within :)

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