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Feb 16, 2008
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It occured to me today that I have had several equipment failures over Christmas in the past few years. I've managed to avoid any losses so far. Last year was the heater in the community tank and I had to wait 3 days for a new one from Amazon. The year before was a canister filter (actually its pump).

I'm quite relaxed about filters because all the tanks have plenty of plants and I do have a small internal filter as well as a couple of sponge filters lying around, the sponges are distributed across my tanks in case I need them in a hurry. But I only have one small heater spare, and its a tiny one that I don't trust. Not really a problem in the community tank which is in the living room so (as I proved last year) it could survive for several days without a heater. But the other two tanks are in an unheated room ...

So today I ordered 2 Eheim Jager 125Ws. They are small enough to fit in either of the smaller tanks and will cope with the community tank as that is in a warm room. Hopefully no drama this year :)

FWIW if you're in the UK Swell has them on special already and an extra 10% off Christmas orders.

:eek: Just realised I should have got 3. The smaller tanks would probably not survive 24 hours in winter and when I am away from home they don't get checked. I guess I'd better keep them in those tanks.


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