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Heather B

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Sep 5, 2018
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So we came home from holiday today and there were baby Platys in our tank. We found 9in the end and some are so tiny you can hardly see them.

We have a biorb tank and were told by the pet shop we could put them in with our good goldfish.

Worried about them getting eaten we went to get a small tank. The babies are now in there although we can only now see 7.

Do I need to buy a heater?
Will they be ok together or will they fight\mate?

Having been searching the net it seems Platys shouldn’t be in with goldfish after All?

I’ve also read that I should have more female Platys to males but have one of each...

I’m also worried about more babies as it’s really stressful!

I don’t want to to anything that will harm any fish but I keep reading contradicting info and wonder why none of this was said by the pet shop? We just trusted the so called experts

Any help much appreciated


Feb 25, 2009
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Welcome to TFF.

Livebearers, which the platy is, should be kept either as males alone, of if male/female are present then more females to males, at least 2-3 females for one male. This is because males will often drive females literally to death, and spreading this drive around will somewhat avoid seriously stressing the females. Any male will impregnate every female in the tank, and rapidly, and repeatedly regardless of the female's condition; once impregnated, the female does not need a male present to deliver several successive batches of fry, approximately monthly, for I can't remember how many. But you will be over-run with fry, and they won't all be eaten. As for the fry, males can impregnate females very early on.

No tropical fish should be combined with any goldfish. There are issues, among them temperature differences.

Many fish stores sadly care more for selling fish than whether or not they will be cared for properly; the staff may not know any of this. There are many threads here with store-related problems. Unless you know the staff person, and that they are an experienced hobbyist, it is best not to assume their advice is anything but questionable.