Platy being harassed by others

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Jul 3, 2004
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I have a female sunset wag platy who I originally had in a 15 gallon tank, moved to a 5 gallon tank to cycle it, and then back into the 15 gallon community tank when I got dwarf puffers for the 5 gallon.

When I placed her back into the community tank, she seems to have forgotten her place in the social hierarchy, as she's being harassed by the swordtails I have in the tank. I first noticed yesterday when she had a small nip in her caudal fin and another small one on her dorsal fin, but I thought she'd simply learn to swim away. This morning, however, I saw that there was a much larger nip out of her caudal fin. It runs half-way into the fin, about half-way down the fin. It hasn't seemed to have hindered her swimming yet, but I am quite concerned.

As I see it, I've got three options;

1. Leave her in the 15 gallon community, and hope she learns to swim faster.
-In my opinion, this option is my best bet. I don't want to sit idly by, however, as my fish is slowly nipped until it can no longer swim.

2. Remove her from the 15 and pur her in the 5.
-This doesn't strike me as a very good idea, because the puffers would more than likely nip worse than the swordtails are.

3. Retun her to the LFS
-I don't really care for this idea, and I don't think the LFS would, either.

Now, I've not included culling on this list because, at this point, it's out of the question. There is simply no need as she doesn't seemed pained, so it would be unnecessary. I also haven't included an isolation tent/box because the tank already has one on it, which is currently housing 3 fry. I know that if I were to put her in there, she would just eat the fry, and may not get any better.

Anyway, thanks for any advice,
Wait a while for them to develop a pecking order; if the problem continues try dividing the tank.

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