Plants in new tank

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Jan 28, 2024
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Hi all,

Hope someone can help.

Have set up a new 150L tropical tank. The bottom has a layer of plant substrate (can't remember what it's called, looks like small round granules) and then sand on top of that. I planted some twisted plants 7 days ago. Have added some plant food tabs and 4 tones this week added some liquid carbon. The plants don't look too healthy (see pictures). Can anyone suggest what has happened or if I can rescue them?

Thanks for any help



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I would say your liquid carbon may be the problem...vallisineria will grow readily without all of the extra stuff, fish waste would be enough of a fertiliser in my experience.
Yes, vals are well known to be sensitive to liquid carbon and melt.

Many people won't use these products as they contain glutaraldehyde derivatives - google glutaraldehyde and you'll see why.
Oh. That's not good. I shall stop putting that stuff in immediately then. Is there anything I can do to save them or is it too late? I don't have any fish in there yet
I don't know if they're saveable but it's worth a try. As long as their roots don't rot, there's hope but it may take a while form them to come back.
OK thanks - should I cut them back or anything or just leave them and hope for the best
I would remove the leaves that look totally past it but leave any which are not at death's door and hope they can provide nutrients to the rest of the plant.

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