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Jul 20, 2012
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Plantlet's Equipment Superstore
Also taking trades for java fern, java moss, moss balls and duckweed. This will be my last sales thread since I've sold A LOT a ton of stuff on here.​
For sale:
1x Aqueon QuietFlow 55/75 Filter - Up to 90 Gallon Aquariums - $30
Features four stages of filtration: Mechanical, chemical, biological, and a second biological. Never used, still in the box.

1x API Freshwater Master Test Kit - $20
Only used about eight to ten times. One of the vials broke so there is only 3.

1x Top Fin 25w Heater - $15
For tanks 5 to 8 gallons. Lightly used.

1x Top Fin 100w Heater - $15
For tanks 20 to 29 gallons. Never used once.

2x Hagen Elite Sponge Filters - $7​
For tanks up to 15 gallons. Used rarely.

1x Fluval 13w CFL Light - $20
13w 6,500K CFL clip on light. Only used for about 75 hours. Very new.

2x Penn Plax 7w LED Light - $15 ea/$20 both
7w 6,500K 7w LED clip on light. Only used for about 30 hours. Very new.​

1x Tetra Whisper 30 Gallon Air Pump - $10
For aquariums up to 30 gallons. Pretty new, only used for about 2½ weeks.

1x Tetra Whisper 10 Gallon Air Pump - $5​
For aquariums up to 10 gallons. Almost brand new, only used for about 1½ weeks.​

1x Top Fin 30 Gallon Filter - $20
Has been used for about 3½ months in a Goldfish tank. Comes with a new filter cartridge barely used for a week.

1x Aqueon Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer - $4
Liquid fertilizer that works great. Only used a tiny bit of it, maybe 5% max.

Marineland Actived Carbon 5 oz. - $3
Got cloudy or smelly water? Put some of this in your filter or tank!

*****MINIMUM ORDER IS $20.00*****
*****Will let EVERYTHING go for $110 ($177 value) with free shipping*****


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