Planning for a brackish tank

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May 19, 2004
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I'm hoping to get a 10 gallon aquarium and set it up as a brackish tank in the next few months.

I absolutely love bumblebee gobys, which is mostly why I want to set up the brackish tank. :D But I was wondering what other fish might be able to go in with them. I'm trying to do some research and for whatever reason I am having a hard time getting much information.

I read one place that a freshwater flounder actually needs brackish water. Is that true?

Do any of you have any suggestions for great fish in a brackish tank? :)

Er. Scats? ..dragon gobies?..knight gobies?...erm
Not puffers, because all the brackish ones are too big.

edit/ Sailfin mollies!
figure 8 puffers get on with bumble bee gobies and only grow to 3".

other brackish fish you could look into are certain types of killifish and glassfish (not glass catfish)
Thanks! :)

My husband was so nice and bought me a ten gallon aquarium last night so I could get it cycling. I started reading up on brackish tanks and I have to admit it made it sound like they're really hard to keep. Is that true? Do they tend to get a lot of algae?

Also, I've read you're not supposed to use aquarium salt. What kind of salt are you supposed to use and is it easy to find?

As far as cycling goes, since you can't use plants or anything to help it, how long will it take to cycle through?

Sorry for all the questions. But I didn't do it right with my 55 gallon and I want to make sure I do with this one. Thanks! :)
Thank you. I found that just after I had posted. LOL! After a lot of thought about what I wanted for this new tank, I think I have decided on some freshwater dwarf puffers. But I appreciate your help and hope to still get a brackish tank in the future. :)
As for cycling, (as you mention an existing 55 gal) I always use filter media placed in an established tank for a few weeks to build up a bacteria colony then move it to the new tank for an instant cycle!. Just remember to add fish as soon as you move the filter media into the new tank to keep the bacteria fed.
That works well for freshwater and light brackish tanks but the bacteria for heavy brackish (SG above 1.007) and marine tanks are different to the bacteria in freshwater tanks so moving mature media from a existing tank may not work.
I wouldn't recomend trying a brackish tank in 10 gallons. Most of the species you will encounter can get quite large. Bumble bee gobies are fine, as they stay yiny. But others such as monos, scats, archers mud skippers etc. can get to be far too big for a 10 gallon.

Certain species, eg. scats. also do better when the salinity is increased as the fish matures, needing full marine when they reach adulthood

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