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Apr 4, 2011
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641 Baltimore Pike
Springfield, Pennsylvania USA
When my wife told me that my 3 year old son was interested in having a pet (fish), I knew it was time to get back into the hobby.  But, first I had to check around for a LFS I could use.  I checked several independents and a few chain stores near me.  This location impressed me more than the other stores I visited.
I had an extensive conversation with the aquatics manager at this location, long enough that my wife was shocked.  I found him to be a very knowledgeable individual, and seems to have quite a few knowledgeable associates.  Some of the workers seem to just be capable of netting fish and putting them into a bag as they've been taught, while some others actually seem to enjoy conversing with customers about their tanks and fish in general.
The tanks always look clean when I come to visit and I've only seen a dead fish on a few rare occasions and they are quickly removed, normally while I am still there (I tend to linger a bit) and I always stop by when my wife wants to shop at the crafting store next door. 
They don't have a wide selection of fish, just your more standard fish: selected livebearers, selected barbs, selected cichlids (very limited), selected tetras, selected catfish (very limited), selected rasboras, limited invertebrates.  If you want something exotic, you'll need to go elsewhere.
Their plant selection is also extremely limited selection.  A few ferns, assorted swords, some anubias, anacharis, moss balls, cryptocoryne wendtii, eleocharis parvula, and a few bulbs as well.  Again, if you want something exotic, you'll need to go elsewhere.
Finally, their selection of equipment is sufficient, but not spectacular.  I do most of my shopping online for that material, but have purchased a few items from them and the prices are fair, but not spectacular.  They have the big name products API, Seachem, etc.
How long have you owned this product?
I've been using this store since 2010. 
9 harlequin rasboras - still have 8 - bought in 2010.
9 neon tetras - still have all 9 - bought in 2011.
4 male guppies - lost them all after 2 years.
6 glofish (zebra danios) - still have 3 after 3 years.
1 dwarf gourami - lost after 3 months.
1 bristlenose pleco - still have since 2011.
1 bolivian ram - still have after 4 months.
9 bloodfin tetras - bought 2 weeks ago.
Customer Service
While the store always has customers in it, I've never had to wait more than 2 minutes to check-out.  I've also very rarely had to find an associate to be served at the aquatics section.  Ironically, on my last visit I did have to seek out an employee, but that's not been the norm.  (A former student of mine works there and she texts me when certain items go on sale, but that won't be everyone's experience.)
  • Clean tanks, healthy fish (never had a sick fish come home with me).
  • Good customer service.
  • 14 day guarantee on livestock, return dead fish with receipt for replacement or refund.
  • $1 sales on certain species from time to time.
  • Limited selection of fish, especially corydoras (my favorite fish)
  • Even more limited selection of plants.
  • Freshwater only.
  • Would recommend


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