Parrot Fish Acting Strange Pet of the Month
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Fish Crazy
Apr 8, 2004
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Cardiff, Wales, UK (not australia)
I've recently moved some stuff in the tank around. I did this about a week ago.

What I've noticed is that the parrot fish seemed to have picked up some gravel and places it elsewhere in the tank and made a small ditch. Then the parrot fish sort of lowered itself into the ditch with the severum watching. The parrot fish left the ditch and went about an inch away from it and watched as the severum then went over to the dtich and took out some more gravel. Each time the parrot fish would test how deep the ditch is and the severum would take some more out. The parrot fish then sort of rubbed itself on the gravel at an angle, it seemed like it wanted to make the ditch round in shape, like a semi-sphere.

I'm not sure what is happening but I think it may involve my fish getting kinky :hey:
Sounds like it, my parrot and sev(rip)did this several times but the parrot never actually laid eggs for him.

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