Panther crab


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Apr 6, 2013
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finally got some good pics of my panther crab! Had him about ten months. Had a brother for him but he died a few months ago from an incomplete molt. This guy does very well in my 120 gallon tank. He’s quadrupled in size. Carapace is two inches and he’s 4 1/2 with the legs. Max size is three inch carapace. Eats shrimp pellets, algae waffers and plants. Probably a fish if he gets his claws on one but I haven’t seen any predation though admittedly he is very shy and I rarely see him out and about like this. I disturbed his favorite hiding spot during a water change which is why he is out. If you want one be ok with predation and not seeing him often. They need lots of hiding places. This one seems to do well with my setup, semi soft water 78F, low nitrates (never above 10ppm). I have him with angels, rasporas, corys, glass catfish, pearl gourami, and a few other soft water species. They are one of the few freshwater crabs that are entirely aquatic. Parathelphusa pantherina


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