Panda has ?bubbles? on her face


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Apr 9, 2023
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Covington, Tn
This just showed up today. 2 bubbles on her face and I’m now noticing in the pic there 2 weirdo things coming from her black band.
This is Pandi, my 1st Panda Cory, about 3 years old now, Mom to 4 others in my tank.
Has anyone ever seen this before? My equipment and tank are kept well-regulated and clean with frequent maintenance and water changes. I’ve had nothing new going on and no new fish. It’s a 50gal micro-tank of peaceful Embers, Neons and Rasboras and well-planted. My perimeters are ideal and I cannot find a cause. Last night, I noticed her left barbel looked like it was missing or broken. This big tank sits about 2 feet from me most of the evening, so I’m quick to see any changes. These bubbles and pseudo-horns weren’t there last night, and this seems like a very drastic change in less than 24 hours.
Help please!!

Sorry you haven't had any help yet. Have you looked up gas bubble disease? I've no experience of it but it might fit if you did a cold water change or have a leaking filter?
The fish is covered in excess mucous (the creamy white film over its body and face). That is caused by something in the water irritating the fish and causing it to produce more mucous than normal. This is usually water quality related (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate or wrong pH), a dirty filter, or dirty substrate.

The bubbles are something else. It depends on how long they have had the bubbles and if you have added anything to the tank in the 2 weeks before this started.

I would wipe the inside of the glass down, clean the filter, do a huge water change and complete gravel clean and maybe add some salt. But need more info on the bubbles before adding salt, and pictures from both sides.

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