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Panda Corydoras

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Mar 1, 2004
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Common Name/s: Panda Cory

Scientific Name: Corydoras panda

Origin: Peru, South America

Maximum Size: 2"

Care: Panda Cories do the best in nice, clean water. The temperature should be between 68-78, but I’ve always found them to do best in water that’s about 73-75. They cannot tolerate very high temperatures for long periods of time. The p.H should be around 6.5 - 7.4. with Panda Cories, They are one of the more delicate types of Cories. Sand is best for them, as they can go about sifting through it, and picking up bits of food. Fine gravel is also okay, but then some uneaten food can fall through, and cause bad bacteria, which can cause infections in the Cories. I’ve found you need to do water changes pretty often with Panda Cories, more often then you need to for other Cories. On my tank that has Pandas in it, I do water changes 2 times a week.

They also will enjoy caves, or pots, where they can hide.

Feeding: Flake food, sinking wafers, and most Live/Frozen/Freeze-dried foods. I’ve found Bloodworms, Brine Shrimp and Tubifex Worms to be some of their favorites.

Sexing: Females are more robust. It’s easier to see this, when you view them from the top. The male should look more streamlined. If you happen to catch them breeding, the female will be the one carrying the eggs around.

Comments: Panda Cories are great little fish. They do well in community tanks, and they are very peaceful.
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