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Aug 6, 2004
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are otos a common fish? i live in the south east uk (greater london) and i cant seem to find any! ive been to a few different shops, just wondering if ne one on here who lives near havering has ever seen ne?!!!! or am i not looking hard enuf lol! :unsure:
it took me 5 months to find mine, i had to order them from trimar

then i went to one of my lfs's and guess what... they had some in :angry:
order fish i spose i could give that a try cos i really want them, i cant think of anyother algae eater to put in the tank, and i desperatly need some soon otherwise the algae will take over! argh!!!! :blink:
oh yea and the only other thing i can think of is this plec i saw it was black and white (one was cream and black) but im sure it wasnt a zebra plec cos it wasnt dear......does ne 1 have ne ideas wot it could be?
I just got a team of 6 otos for my 20g thats covered in Algae. Got them from World Of Water in Bicester. Bit of a trek for you probably, but just go up the M40, and its about 1 mile from the bicester junction. They've got loads of them. I got 6 for £10!!
I've never had them before, but as soon as I let them out of the bag, they went to work on the algae, and they are going mad on it now. I've got a bristlenose in one of my other tanks, and he's a lazy sod compared to these lot!! I reckon my tank will be gleaming by the morning! I can highly recommend them!! :D
can't be 2 far away....can it? lol oh well my family seem to like goin on a trek for fish!!! it takes them ages to get to the shop we normally go too!
The Aquatic Warehouse in Hertford had some in the last time I was there. Shame my tank isn't ready for them because it is the only place I have seen them.

There is another lfs in a garden centre near Hatfield on the way to St Albans that must stock them sometimes too because they have a little information label and picture on one of the tanks. Never actually seen any in there yet though. I can't remember the name of the garden centre but I could give you directions if you wanted to take a trip up this way.
i may just scout a bit further.....if i cant find ne soon though i will order them at least then im sure of getting them..rather than taking a trip somewhere and finding theyve all gone! (which would be just my luck) :/

ne one have any ideas on wot the plec could have been?!

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