oto stuck to net! PLEASE HELP ASAP

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Aug 7, 2004
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Atascadero, CAlifornia
very often when I net an oto, they get stuck to the net, normally it is one of those little holes above their eyes. This time my oto appears to have "sucked in" the net. the net is in my tank now with the oto clinging to it, I don't think that he can spit it out. Can I help him in any way or is this the end of the line for this poor guy? Please help as soon as you read this as this is going on right now!
Nevermind, I manage to get the poor guy free. I don't know if he'll live or not :( as I had to handle him a lot, but at least he's not stuck to a net ;)
Yeah, I know how that goes. I was stupid enough to net a Pictus Catfish one time, and ended up having to spend five whole minutes cutting him out. (The barbs on his pectorals were stuck) He had a little piece of net on each pec for a while, but he got them off eventually...I don't know how...I also don't know how he survived, let alone just shake it off like he did. Never got sick or anything. One tough fishy. :flex:

Now I only ever use brine shrimp nets on my catfish; they don't seem to get stuck as easily in those. Works pretty well, as long as the fish is small (had a tough time with my pleco...).

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