Orchid Dottyback

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Matty P

Professor Cowfish
Feb 12, 2007
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Common Name(s): Orchid Dottyback, Fridmani Dottyback, Fridman's Dottyback, Fridmin's or Fridmani's Pseudochromis

Scientific Name: Pseudochromis fridmani

Family: Pseudochromidae

Origin: Red Sea

Maximum Size: Average 2.5", can reach 3"

Care: These are hardy fish and do well on their own, in pairs and in large groups. They are gernerally peaceful but are known to be a bit aggressive at times occasionally chasing other fish from its hiding place. They are easy to care for and are suitable for a reef environment. When they are just introduced to the tank they sometimes hide for a couple of hours and sometimes even for days. Once they feel at home and are past the acclimatizing stage they will tend to swim out in the open, although they still require plent off places to hide in, so live rock is recommended. They are beautiful fish with a deep purple body. Minimum tank size should be 30 gallons.

Feeding: This dottyback is a carnivore and requires a variety of meaty foods. Mysis and other frozen/live prepared foods are ideal. They are very easy to feed and have also been known to feed on bristleworms.

Sexing: Difficult

Breeding: After the female spawns she won't take any further part in bringing up the eggs, so it is up to the male to look after the ball of eggs. They should emerge roughly 3-5 days after spawning. The fry survive on rotifiers for the first couple of days, when the fry start to develop and get bigger they will start eating artema, after that the juveniles should accept flake food and chopped up frozen and live foods.

Caution: Although Dottybacks are easy fish to care for and make excellent nano fish, they CAN be territorial. If you are planning on adding one to your system, it may be safest to add this specimen LAST. As always, the the most aggressive fish (or potentially so), should be added last after your others have had time to establish their territory.


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