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Something smells humany
Jul 4, 2006
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Victoria Australia
Last night (Saturday 11th of November) I bought a Featherfin Syno and a Spiny eel from my LFS and were all healthy in clean tanks etc... No quarentine tank so I placed them in my 75 gallon...all going well around about 5.30 Pm im sitting at my tanks and...BANG power goes out... then about 9.00Pm the power came back on and I found a dead botia Sidthimunki which wasn't cool at all...but if thats the worst that happens ok fine... Cut to 9.00Am this morning view my tank and see one of my Beloved yoyo's dead on the bottom of my tank...suddenly view across a little and there is another dead yoyo loach and my other yoyo no where to be seen aswell as my other botia sid...remove the two dead yoyo's and lift some drift wood to find the third dead yoyo and a few minutes later discovered my dead botia sid...Every Loach in my 75 gal all dead...but whats worse...Velvet struck the tank and has my two platies, swordtail, danios & Tiger barbs all laboured breathing on the bottom of the tank..I have never had Velvet before and this form appears greyish than rust coloured (apparently there are many types of velvet and the colour is different on the type of fish...) I took the fish to my aquarium for diagnosis and they said it was velvet and I got some treatment etc aswell as testing my water to discover a spike of Ammonia and Nitrite thanks to the black out All caused from a truck hitting a power pole...
the problem is with this supposed Velvet is I've never seen it like it is...

it's eating away the fins the fish flick and rub have VERY quick breathing and alot of excess mucus coming off of the fish...

I believe this is the disease that wiped my tank out about a month ago however I never gained a proper diagnosis and therefore it stayed dormant in the tank...power failure brought it back and with a vengeance
6 fish have died now the latest fatality being my blue platy the first fish I ever bought along with my red platy and angelfish...
I lost over 30 fish to velvet earlier this year from stupidly cross contaminating 4 tanks from my quarentine tank by using the same net to strain food through, you would think i'd know better :(

Velvet is a really nasty disease and usually claims 100% casualties once fish are infected.
The free swimming spores are photosynthetic like plants so cover the tank with a blanket to cut out all light, daily water changes also reduce their numbers, raising the temperature to 28c speeds up the life cycle so that more spores can be removed faster and allows the medications to work on them during their vulnerable stage.

Good luck
no fatalities over night my rendahls, eel and eupteris all appreciated the brine shrimp I fed them last night... the danio is much better today after a treatment of copper sulfate treatment from the LFS private stash of stuff they use on there discus
Sorry to hear about your losses. I would follow the earlier advice and get a UPS, I had only one of my tanks on one we lost our power during a very cold night, I noticed right in time before i went to bed that the temp in the other tank had dropped to 62 degrees and imeditly removed my computer from the UPS and plugged in the other tank.....Whew
well I have three tanks running and looking for a forth so I may consider getting it....the power outage also screwed my computer up to Lol...
Update is No fatalities however the Remaining platy has white covering it and falling off ( I suspect Mucus) the copper treatment seems to make the fish happier but I haven't seen my eel eat yet and haven't seen it all day....Im buying a 2nd eel for my other tank as a precaution to a possible death of my new one...
Another Update
The red platy passed away about an hour after my above post while my swordtail bristlenose plec and Eel are all barely moving and not eating...

7 Fatalities since Sunday
Update: I haven't seen my bristlenose for over 24 hours, same goes with my swordtail. My Featherfin Syno (which I bought only about 5 days ago for $30) Is on the verge of death...not going great at the moment...

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