Nymphaea Lotus 'zenkeri'


Mar 11, 2010
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CommonName: Tiger lotus Red
Scientific Name: Nymphaea lotus 'Zenkeri'
Family: Nymphaeaceae
Geographic Origin: West Africa
Temperature: 22-30ºC
Height: 10-45 cm
Width: 20-60 cm
Lighting Required: average - high
pH: 5 - 8
Speed of growth: medium - fast
Tank Placement: foreground, middle
Difficulty: easy

I have this plant for 8 months now and itaccommodated easily in my tank after purchase.
This is the most pleasant plant I ever grown in mytank. Every week I notice a new leaf.
I keep it with CO2, lights 3x39W (5h-on/2h-off/6h-on), fertilization: Dennerle Perfect Plant System Set (S7, E15,V30) and Dennerle Deponit Mix Professional.
The leaves are a red/purple, and can grow to become quite large. Some leaves are more than 20 cm wide.
In all these 8 months the lotus gave birth to 14 new plant runners.

When floating leaves are produced the plant easily sets flower.
I was lucky to see the lotus blossoming. After I noticed the future flower I measured and photographed it in different stages.
The growth speed increased from 2cm/day in the beginning to 4cm/day just before it reached the water surface.
After 13 days the flower was above the water surface and in the next night it blossomed.
The flower smells nice, close to a lily odour. Flowers only last about 3 days.

MOD Edit: for a complete account of the flowering process see the thread below...

Nymphaea Lotus zenderi flowering



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