Nitrites at 3.0

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Aug 12, 2004
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Tallahassee, FL
What should i do with nitrites of 3.0? Here are my other levels:
ph: 7.0
KH: 120
GH: 150
NI: 3.0
Nitrates: 40
Let me check ammonia real quick:
ammonia is at 2.0. I am going to do a 20% water change and add some amquel... what else should i add and do? HELP! PS: Tank is cycled.
Tank size & inhabitants??

If cycled, ammonia, nitrite sh. read 0.
note: Amquel can give false ammonia readings...I would be more concerned w/ the nitrite reading at this time.
Altho, if overstocked, both ammonia, nitrite may be out of line.
Yep, as the other poster said, the tank is definetly not cycled if you have ammonia and nitrite readings like that. How long has the tank been setup, what inhabitants do you have in it, what size is the tank (in volume). If your tank has been setup a while and at one time was cycled, then what have you done recently that could have caused it to go into a new cycle? Overcleaned recently? It could be caused by serious overstocking, so that's why we need to know tank size and inhabitants. Adding something like Amquel isn't going to help or solve your problem, water changes are a must to get those numbers down as they will quickly kill your fish.


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