Nitrate Issues

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Jul 8, 2004
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Chicago, Ill
I changed like 25% percent of my water a few days ago saturday morning to be exact. I usually change it every two weeks.

I checked the water this morning and the nitrates looked like they were at like 80 ppm so then I checked it again about 30 minutes ago and it was somewhere in between 50-60 ppm which is still kind high.

I was thinking about doing a largish water change like 40-50%, or about doing like 20-25% water changes for a couple days. which should I do or does it matter?

I have a 10 gallon tank that is well stocked (4 platies 6 WCM) and I was thinking about adding 1 panda corywhich is small but eats the food that falls to the bottom to help clear up the nitrate issue, but would the pee and poo from the cory just raise it again? I'm also going to not feed my fish in the morning or just less in the morning because most of them are sor of sluggish from waking up and don't eat it

To address your nitrate issue, I suggest you do one water change each week. A ten gallon isn't much space, so it will require frequent water changes.
Also, cories need buddies! He will probably be lonely by himself - they prefer groups of at least three. You might want to look into the pygmies - some stay very small and you might be able to have 3 in your tank IF you are very good about water changes and try to keep your nitates below 20.
u should do 10% every day till it drops and plants help as well but i wouldn't get another fish. all fish produce waste and wast is ammonia that eventually turns to nitrates so it will add to the problem and ur gonna have to feed it as well it won't live on the crap at the bottom.
I agree, but with those 10 gallon it is so easy to throw off your water parameters, maybe some plants and 10 percent water change every other day IMO
I do have plants. i'm doing small water changes daily and so far I got the nitrates down to 40.
All right! That's good news! A lot of people consider 40 to be the cutoff point for most "healthy fish", so you're getting there!

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