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Oct 1, 2007
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Shropshire UK

Common name - Nicaragua Cichlid or Spilotum

Scientific name - Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

Family - Cichlidae.

Origin - Central America, - Lake Nicaragua, Costa Rica,

Max size - 9" in captivity

Care - This very colourful species is usually fine with similar sized New World cichlids and medium to large sized community fish. They will require a tank of at least 50G for a single specimen, (they are quite a fast growing species). Nicaragua Cichlids prefer a Ph of 7.5 and will tolerate a wide range of temperatures (i.e. 23C to 27C) Nicaragua Cichlids should be kept in a tank with a sand substrate with plenty of rocks and caves, they spend most of their time close to the bottom of the tank,
most individuals will not eat or uproot plants.

Feeding - The Nicaragua Cichlid is omnivorous and will eat most prepared and frozen foods, including freeze-dried bloodworms, prawns, Cichlid Pellets and flake,

Sexing - Males are larger and their dorsal fin is more pointed. Mature females are usually brighter in colour.

Breeding - Like all Cichlids, Nicaragua Cichlids can become quite territorial during breeding time. Eggs are layed in a pre dug pit or cave. The Female will guard the fry and the eggs whilst the Male guards a larger territory around the cave.


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