New Tiger barb owner..

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Jun 2, 2004
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Montreal, Canada
Well, someone elses fish ended up being my responsibility -- it was either take them (and buy three more for a shoaling) or they would have become toilet bait..

Anyway, I did as much research as I could on short notice (I had to act fast or the fishes woulda been euthanized for being an inconvience.)

I have them in a 16.5 gallon tank, with three corydoras. (These cory only get to be about 2, possibly 3 inches long at absolute max. )

Anyway, I seem to have peace and tranquility in the tank, there are a few barb skirmishes that only last about 5 to 10 seconds, and they are schooling together very calmly. The three elder ones, the rescues, are all pale and washed out in color, but I'm assuming that is from their bad treatment. The ex-owner was tossing them tank to tank without acclimating them, and they were really stressed out by the time I got them home. The three LFS store bought ones seem to have taken to the elder ones fine, which pleases me to no end...

Here is a link to my photos of them.. Member's Photos - Rescued Barbs

Is that tank set up acceptable? They seem to love the sand, but as I've never had tigers before, and I had to work quick, I'm not certain if I have enough cover, etc for them.

Any help is appreciated.. I tend to feed twice a day, and occassionally I stagger out what times they are fed. All 6 are eating, and they are all active.

I just couldn't bear to let any fish be killed because they were an inconvience


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