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New Tanks I am heavily considering doing.. Thoughts?

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Jan 31, 2021
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United Kingdom
So I am heavily thinking about doing three tanks in the next month or so and I'd love to hear you're feedback and thoughts!
1st to come will be a 67 gallon built around firemouth's and a Jack dempsey.
2nd to come will be another 67 gallon built purely for a male gold saum green terror.
3rd to come will be a 70gal all male peacock/hap tank.
These will all be in the same room as my current 75gal south american tank and will not have individual stands but more like a racking system in place.
I will more than likely use both cannister and sponge filters for the fm/jd tank and peacock/hap tank and all three tanks will be sand based with lots of rocks in place.
The terror tank will have a hang on the back filter and a smaller sponge filter as one large fish shouldn't cause me too much issues.. :)
Generally speaking all cichlids produce a lot of waste so good filtration is key also how much you feed on a daily basis will have an impact on water chemistry which means a lot of water testing and a lot of water change if there’s inadequate filtration. It’s good practise to maintain or to try your best to maintain pristine water conditions/chemistry that way the fish would thrive. A lot of people don’t depend on one filter and run two a few reasons would be filtration turnover or as a backup in case one fails or just to take some of the pressure of a single filter supporting a entire aquarium. I would aim for a bare minimum of x4 turnover and for the hap and peacock tank aim for x8-x10 turnover as the African cichlids are very messy. I myself have a 450 litre 5ft aquarium and I’m running x2 fluval fx6 filters and 50% water change a week.
all in all the cichlids you have decided to keep are great and they are hardy as well. It will be a fun project. Good luck!

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