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New Aquaone Mirage 31


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Dec 23, 2004
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Just bought myself a shiny shiny Mirage 31 for Crimbo, it was a bargain £7.99. Wolume works out to be 2.5g ish. I've got plenty of heaters lying around, so thats no problem, but I wondered whether to use one of my mini internals, or get a (very) oversized HOB. I was probably going to go for the HOB option, any input though? Then there's lighting. It comes with a glass cover, which is a pain, although the light would only be for aesthetics. Would I be able to stick some white cold cathodes to the top of the glass? And while I'm at it, any suggestions for interesting fish?
For small tanks id hate to have something taking up valuable water space, go for an external hangon. Lighting have a look at the ones PFK are giving away as a subscription gift, they clip on the tank and look ok.

Fish id love to see some Galaxy Rasboras in a small tank with Cherry or Crystal Shrimp

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