Nerite snail breeding advice?


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Jul 23, 2021
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Hey guys!

So a couple weeks ago I set up a brackish 10 gallon. I had an empty tank that I didn’t know what to do with, my snails started dying since it had been a couple years since I got them, so I figured hey rather than spend $5 a snail, why not try breeding them? The tank was a cycled freshwater tank, that was running but had nothing actually in it for quite awhile.

I do not have a device that can measure the salinity of the water, i used instant ocean salt- 2 tbsp per gallon with a couple extra at the end since the internet research I was doing went between 2-3 tbsp per gallon.

I moved in 6 of my biggest snails from all my tanks (all of which have quite the hefty number of snail eggs littering the glass) and so far nothing.

No egg laying. No “piggy back” riding. Nada.

There’s not a whole lot of algae in the tank, but i compensate by sprinkling in some flakes and peeled peas. I added a few basic decorations I had laying around, but that’s it. No plants in the tank because I don’t know what’s salt tolerant.

I can’t give an exact size of the snails, but in the morning i can try to measure them? They are pretty decent size.

Any advice?

Edit: I have algae wafers somewhere… got them for my pleco’s but my plecos never actually ate them. So I’d had to dig to find them.


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Bump. Saw some piggy backing but not sure if it’s the type I wanted or it was a literal friend taxi service. Still no eggs.

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