Needle Nose Gar


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Aug 24, 2010
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Though these are not true gars, thye are very interesting fish, and it has been difficult to find information on them.

If anyone could answer these questions that would be great!

I was wondering if anywho who has had Needlenose fish before could help me out!
I have been researching them for a long time as I am looking at getting one, and so far I havent got any definate answers to my questions!
Right now I have a 70gal and a 30gal the 30gal( long tank) is set up and ready for fish! I know that it is not big enough for a needlenose for long, but from what I have read start them out in a smaller tank...obviously not too small.... and then as the grow introduce them to a bigger tank. (correct me if I am wrong)
Also "the big debate"...feeders or no feeders, obviously I DO NOT want my fish to be killed by feeders carrying fungus or disease so what would be the BEST feeding option possible for theses guys, I haveheard they can be pretty picky but then again I have heard of people feeding them freeze dried kirll no problem...
What should tghe water qualities be.... for temp, salt or no salt...ect? Salt has been a big debate when I have been researching, I have heard when they mature you should add some salt, but then breeders of them have said they have never had to add salt....

If ANYONE could help me out that would be great!!
I am not going to get one of these guys unless I get all the info about them, thanks to anyone who can help me out=)


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Aug 23, 2010
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I used to have both true gars and a few needlenose gars.

I kept my needlenose in a 30 gallon for about 3 months, then moved them into the 70 gallon tank. I use to feed my Gar bloodworms and Rosy red minnows (that i purchased from aquabid and bred myself) and the occasional dried krill- believe me it isint easy to get them to eat dried anything they can be so cranky at mine even took to eating some cherry and ghost shrimp i had in the tank.. not as smart in shrimp back then- as i am

temp:77-84° F,
pH 6.8-7.4 but do good at 7.0

I added aquarium salt, it did no harm to them at all, they prefer lowlights. they can also stress out easily. Make sure your have a good cover for the tank too and watch your fingers, these guys can be nippy. Keep the water clean and the gar well fed and your going to do great.