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summat fishy

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Nov 13, 2006
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Preston, Lancashire United Kingdom
Hi im new to this forum and i am getting bored with my current setup. i am after something different, something that you could prehaps call " weird" lol. I have a tank 12"x29" and it will be emptied to start all over again. i live in the UK and i have rather soft water conditions ( live in Lancashire) and any ideas must be available to buy in the UK. i have been concidering buying a Blue Crayfish however i believe these can not be kept with anything else. is there any way i can keep it with other fish? and would it be happy with soft water? other than that any ideas on an oddball setup for my tank would be appreciated and how i can set my tank up. I currently have an internal fluval filter however i am willing to upgrade if need be. any ideas woud be much appreciated thanks :)

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