Need 37 Gallon Bow front stocking ideas


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Aug 9, 2020
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Hi all, thanks for taking the time to help me out. I'm a previous keeper getting back into the hobby, I have a 4 year old now thats going to get a kick out of it so I am looking for a very active tank. I have done live bearers, bolivian rams, angel fish, ottos, gouramis and some emerald corys in the past so looking for something new to try. The only one I would really want to do again is the ottos as I enjoy fish with a purpose but its ok if they cant make the stocking list. Like I said this is mainly for my child so an active tank is the main concern. I'm not that interested in live plants as I have already been there and done that. I'm more interested in trying some new Cichlids that will be happy in my water parameters.

Ph 8.2
Hardness is very hard, can pull the water companies report if needed
A natural 7ish nitrates coming from my tap
Gravel for the substrate
Penguin Bio wheel 350, with about 500g of bio rings in one side and filter floss in the other side, yes I know over kill for my tank but I want to kind of over stock it a bit and I have restricted flow with some filter floss in the intake
and of course a heater

Feel free to throw me your ideas for a happy healthy active tank, thanks again!


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Nov 28, 2006
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Teesside, UK
If your water is very hard, look at Rift Lake cichlids. The most common are those fish from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika (not together). We have a forum for African cichlids, you could start by browsing there to see if you like this type of fish.