My two female bettas

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Feb 19, 2004
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When I got my female bettas, I put them in a fishbowl untill I had my tank ready for them. I moved one into the tank and she was doing fine so today I moved my other in. They started to flare up at eachother and the one who was in the tank longer started to chase the other around. They have stopped now and the one who was beeing chased is hiding in the plants and is shaken up a lil. I heard that they do this to establish dominance but is it like this all the time?
I'm not sure but I think it will a last long time as I don't think two of the same sex should be kept together as this is what happened when I put two rtbs in the same tank and in the end one killed the other one.
hooligan, rtbs shouldnt be kept in the same tank together no matter what sex.. they are completly different to female fighters. if you read up on them it does state that they shouldnt be kept with any fish that looks simaler to them, iv recently had to remove my albino rainbow shark out of my 4ft because he was chasin one of my shyer clown loaches around..

idolz, how soon after was it that you put the second female in together?
the best bet would have been to add them both at the same time.. when i had mine as a fighter tank (5 females 1 male) i put them all in together, i had plenty of plants, and places to hide (belive me half the time it was impossible to find the fish!) the only think i can suggest, is 1) give them time, 2) if after 3-4 days it is still the same, take them both out re-arange the tank and then put them back in At The Same Time 3) if this still dosnt work, introduce a couple more females, this way it reduces the stress on the victim.

hth's :thumbs:
Thanks alot nightlife
I added my second one about a day after i added the first one. I have the smaller one in a isolation chamber so they can see eachother but not harm eachother. I like the idea of re-aranging the tank... ill give that a try.

Edit: ONe more thing, I have them in a 3.5 gallon tank... is that too small?

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