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Aug 13, 2004
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United Kingdom
My tank so far any suggestions?


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Nice tank :thumbs:

However, Its not really advisable to keep male and female bettas together..and from what ive heard barbs dont make great tankmates either. Just so you know, they may get along fine tho i dont know :p
The background is black. and I was told you could keep male and female Bettas together but not 2 males? The barbs are ok as long as you have loads. If you only keep a few they can't shoal and become insecure that's when they start nipping. Or so I'm told! Cheers.
Scougie said:
and I was told you could keep male and female Bettas together but not 2 males?
Yea, you cant keep 2 males together...You can keep females together if you want..but its no adivisable unless your breeding them as the males constantly chase the females.
And I thought she was just a slapper! If I bought another female so he had 3 to chase would that help?


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he will most likely just chase them both or all 3 whatever number you have..

i also heard that gouramis and bettas dont get along.. how are they doing in your tank?
Your Tank IS Lovely,

IMO You may Need a large Group Of Females in there. I find a group of 7-8 Works Best IF you Wish to Keep With a Male.

In the Past I have Successfully Kept A Group of 7 Females and 2 Males in the Tank I have Along With My Gouramis Without Any Incidents. But I was Very lucky and they all got Along. Alas the Rot/Dropsy Took them.

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