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Jan 30, 2023
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I was wondering if you could give me some advice with my Plecos. I have 2 they are both about 10 inches long, in 75 gallon tank. They were purchased together since very small, ( grown up together)

Anyway, one of them has been having strange behavior of late, just strikes out and goes crazy, like something hurt or startled him.. Just once a day, that I have witnessed. He has been having this behavior for the past 3 days. His tank mate has had no change.

The only thing different, is that I introduced algae wafers due to the fact that there is no algae because of the two of them in the same tank. I have been thinking of separating them and put other in my other 75 but, afraid of separation anxiety

Another concern, both of them have , looks like , no skin on nose. Just round pink spot. Is this normal ?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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Jan 26, 2021
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Nanaimo, BC
Sorry you are having an issue with your plecos. I would offer a suggestion but the last time I had a typical pleco in my tank was in the 70's. I don't know of anyone else that has one now. The recommendations below are more general in nature.

I wonder if one of the plecos outgrew his or her hiding spot and is feeling some stress. Pink noses on both suggest they are both having fits, you only seen one do it though. I would make sure the water parameters are good no ammonia or nitrite, and low nitrate (<20ppm), make sure the plecos have hiding areas, and finally that they have wood that they can eat or chew on. Also consider any changes outside the tank, lighting, new cat ....

Good luck.


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Oct 14, 2011
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Eastern Canada
If they are "common plecos" be aware that they ease up on algae eating with age. They need a good diet. You can use zuccini coins, frozen to effectively blanch them and dropped into the tank. If you can get pesticide free romaine lettuce or high fibre leafy greens and blanch them, that will improve their health.

They poop like cows, so the older they get, the more urgent a regular routine of weekly water changing is. They are hard work as they grow (and I have seen huge ones - they will outgrow your tank). 50% changes weekly would be needed at their current size.

I wish they weren't sold. I have seen big ones devastating streams in warm areas where well meaning hobbyists commit the crime of releasing them into the wild as they outgrow tanks. Releasing them is making a decision to declare biological warfare on whatever beautiful place you let them go in. They will destroy it.

So you clean clean clean, go to your kitchen and feed them, and expect them to do weird things if the water slips. I've seen those frenzies, and nothing seemed to come of it.

They are really easy to like, but very hard to keep past a certain point.

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