My New Betta Pet of the Month
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Dec 30, 2006
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:wub: this is my new baby. i got him from petco for $7. the veiltails and females were around $3-4 but i liked the crowntails better. sorry they're a bit blurry, my camera makes them blurry if there's no flash and the flash makes him look terrible...none of the pics do him justice, i'll have to get the amazing ones from my phone. they give an entire outlook on the tank and looked amazing (not too brag :D ). he still needs a name...


flash kinda made him look less colorful :/
icky blurry. :X


hehe pillar. -_- i dunno if it goes in looks right but i like it.
thanks. he and my male guppy are the only ones i think i'm going to name because they're the only two that dont have a 'duplicate'. :lol: .
i was debating between him and a red one that had a bit of blue on his body. he's so active, he flares when my mom walks by his tank :D . guard fish.
naw i'm not allowed. i had to talk my mom into letting me get this one. i already had the pet carrier i put him in so it wasn't that big of a deal. the only other tank i have is a small 2 gallon that i may be using for fry once their born (gups). i'd love to get another though. i had a hard time chosing between the two, i kinda wish i had set up the other tank :rolleyes:
yeah. i wish i could get more but i have a 10 gallon with other fish in it at the moment. i guess i'll live for now. :rolleyes:
no one i know around here has bettas really. my friend breeds guppies. mine are pregnant so -shrugs-
-nods and points to sig- there are two of mine. the male's the "bigger" on in the picture.
Lovely Colors on him.

Mmmmmm A Name - Glade for the green in him.
wow...I'd name him something kinda funny yet know?! probably not.

I wish i could get some nice bettas like yours :drool: :drool: :fish:
Hes sorta peach coloured so that what i would name him if he were mine.

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